allows you to create a mosaic with all the NFTs from a wallet.

Currently only ethereum NFTs (with a JPG or PNG media) are supported.

The target format is ~1500x500px because it is the recommended size for a Twitter banner.

To make a perfect mosaic, we may ignore or duplicate some NFTs. The selected NFTs are randomly selected and randomly organized.

Note that it may takes some time to produce large mosaic. This is because the main processing occurs inside your browser. The more time consuming task is to download all the image files. This is why the NFTs that have not been cached by Alchemy are ignored.

If your favorite NFT is not included in the mosaic, check if it jpg or png and cached on alchemy. If yes, try to regenerate a mosaic.

Future features may includes: Multi-wallet support, Collections exclusions, More control on the mosaic parameters (gap, legends, ...), Custom format, ...

For any bugs and feedback, DMs are open @elitechimp.